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In addition to gender, another of the things that must be defined in the first chapter is the tone of the story. It may be a drama, but it is not the same that it is told in a serious tone than humorous. Unlike gender,phone casino the tone is not immovable. It may suffer small variations. It is logical if we take into account that the character will evolve throughout history and that he will face very different situations, this will be reflected in the tone of the narrative voice without a doubt. Through the narrator of your story, not only the tone with which you are going to tell it will be evident, of which we have spoken. The narrative voice will also show the record that the narrator will use, and above all, it will bring to light your personal style. Each reader has their own personal tastes, some will like your style and others will not try here your writing style, it is normal. The first paragraphs will show the reader your writing, before what type of writer and literary work you are. As we have said, in the first chapter of your novel you must identify the genre to which it belongs. Therefore, it is logical that in the first paragraphs the time in which it happens and, at least, the scenario in which the story begins is also reflected. The temporal aspect is very important, for example, in science fiction or futuristic stories. The scenarios in which the story takes place are fundamental if we are talking about a fantastic novel or speculative fiction. Here the creation of worlds, of your own fictional world created for that story. For it is also frequent to start a novel for some scene that serves as an atmosphere, either because it is a strange, magical, future world (as in many dystopias), or simply an exotic or ancient place. It is also important to define at what point the story is being told regarding the facts that are told. That is, if the narrator already knows the end of the story, if it has happened a long or short time, etc. In the case of a first-person narrator, this is very important, since the protagonist will be able to reflect on what happened from a more objective perspective if some time has passed since it happened.


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